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I have been supporting parents and schools in the process of deepening and transforming their relationships with children and re-thinking traditional educational and discipline approaches for over 20 years.

I hold a Master's Degree in both early childhood and special education as well as training and certification from The International Council on Development and Learning (ICDL), The Brazelton Touchpoints Center, The MEHRIT Centre, Ltd, and The Fitzgerald Institute of Lifelong Learning, and I hold a certification in Applied Educational Neuroscience from Butler University.

I consult with families, schools, homeschoolers, and non-profit organizations, and offer parent workshops and professional development for educators across the country. All of my work is grounded in research from the field of relational neuroscience. 


As a parenting consultant, I invite you to notice the interactive patterns that have been developed in your family and guide you to re-shape these dynamics using relationship-based, positive parenting strategies so that you can enjoy a rich and connected relationship with your child. This may include identifying individual differences in your child, such as learning or sensory processing differences, that require specific tools or intervention and support. 

As an educational consultant, I coach and train early childhood,  elementary and special education teachers on tools for promoting classroom engagement, emotional regulation, restorative conflict resolution, and trauma-informed de-escalation strategies.

My professional development workshops are engaging, active, and offer practical tools teachers can apply right away in their classroom communities. 

As a homeschool consultant, I guide both new and experienced homeschooling families in creating a homeschool lifestyle that embodies their unique educational philosophy. Together we create a  foundation for your homeschool program that is rooted in relationships, regulation, respect, and rhythm.

We explore curriculum best suited for your child, learning supports and accommodations needed, and a daily, weekly and monthly routine that provide a sense of rhythm to support your child's grounding in the day.

I also support families with documentation required by their state to register as homeschoolers. 


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6 or 12 session package

Together we will explore the themes and challenges standing in the way of a deeply fulfilling relationship with your child, and discover solutions rooted in the developmental neuroscience of respectful parenting.



Custom packages

Together we will explore your family's unique homeschool style and pedagogical approach, choose curriculum suited for the needs of your children, and plan a homeschooling routine that supports regulation, engagement, and joyful learning for your children.

This is my required introductory package for all families who are new to homeschooling.

Consultation on an hourly basis is available for experienced homeschoolers who are seeking guidance in a specific area of their program, or for families who have completed the Homeschool Ecosystem package. 



Custom packages

Together we will look beyond the behaviors your child is struggling with at home, in the community, or at school to better understand the unmet needs or undeveloped skills behind them. We will explore your child's unique sensory, communication, and emotional profile to tailor respectful supports that honor these needs while building capacity for regulation and positive behavior changes. 

Consultations with school programs are also available. 

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